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Putting your child first, we regard the Centre as an integral part of the community and aim to equip our students with the ability to follow active, enjoyable and responsive lives at work and in leisure. We aim to develop social skills, good relationships with peers and self discipline within the school and home.

We believe students have an entitlement to resources and facilities of the highest quality. Our commitment to technology has meant that we are able to provide a high level of computer-assisted learning. Our continually expanding and upgraded ICT resources ensure that students are able to benefit from equipment and software that enhances all areas of learning across the curriculum.

Mr B.Kerwin Head Teacher of Alt Bridge

Specialist Teaching Areas

Alt Bridge School has developed specialist teaching areas for Science, Food Technology, Art, Textile/Resistant Materials, Computings, Music and recently, the development of a Social and Communication Base. Through these resources, we offer a wide range of creative experiences and accredited courses.
Our school is a stimulating, warm, happy, caring and challenging community with excellent relationships between staff and students. We nurture a real sense of purpose with an emphasis on the provision of high quality teaching and learning.

What Ofsted said about Alt Bridge 2013

Outstanding teaching is characterised by teachers making every effort to include and engage all students, whatever their ability or type of need. Computers and other forms of technology are expertly used to help promote learning. Teaching assistants are highly skilled and effective.

2013 How effective is the provision?

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