Computing KS4

Key Stage4: Years 10 and 11

Throughout Key Stage 4, Years 10 and 11, pupils follow a Functional Skills course in ICT. This course is designed to help students develop practical skills which will allow them to work confidently, effectively and independently. It has also provided students with knowledge, skills and understanding of ICT which they can use in real life contexts relating to life, learning and work.

The Entry Level Certificates (Formerly Certificates of Achievement) are designed for use by students who are likely to reach Grade G. The Entry Level requirements state 50% of the assessment must consist of tasks or assignments, which are externally set, marked and/or moderated externally and conducted under supervised conditions.

This course encourages the development of skills and knowledge relating to the use of ICT for variety of purposes. Pupils have the opportunity to develop their practical skills in arrange of application software packages in addition to considering more theoretical aspects of the subject.

Pupils grow in competency, confidence, knowledge and understanding of using Microsoft Office packages such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access. A variety of set tasks, both group and individual help pupils further develop skills learned in Key Stage 3.

In Key Stage 4 pupils are given an email address. They learn about the use of emails, how to navigate around an inbox, positives and negatives, viruses, etc. It is essential that pupils gain an understanding of email software as it is an important part of their exam and will also benefit them in later life. Pupils are emailed work from staff and can also send replies or emails to each other that include attachments.

Throughout the Key Stage 4 pupils also the opportunity to develop other skills i.e. media, coding using mobile technology and online safety is continued to be reinforced as pupils become more and more dependant and aware of the various types of social media.

We believe that we can provide our pupils with improved computer skills that can help them enjoy an enriched educational experience and are better prepared for life, work and further learning

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