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Whole School Curriculum

Students at Alt Bridge School access a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum, which is both differentiated and supplemented in order to meet the holistic needs of students. Our curriculum intent is to ensure that our students are well prepared for adulthood and are set up to achieve personal success in their chosen pathways. We aim to equip them with the knowledge they need to achieve whilst ensuring they have the skills to apply this knowledge widely. We recognise the importance of supporting the retention of information from one lesson to the next and building progressively and cumulatively on key knowledge and skills.

We hold high expectations of, and for our students and work to instil in them, a commitment to continued learning.

Our students can expect equal opportunities through our educational provision, high quality teaching and learning, a broad range of subjects and support to develop positive mental health and well-being. At Alt Bridge School, students who require more individualised support are also able to access a range of additional provision, including, for instance, social communication lessons and the well-being hub. We continually prepare students to contribute positively to society and we teach them how to keep themselves safe and build resilience. It is important they know how to seek support and how to maintain positive connections with others.

The curriculum prepares students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences, which they will encounter in adult life, and promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The curriculum is enriched with a range of extra-curricular activities to promote health and well-being, provide challenge, engagement and social interaction. There is an opportunity for students to study GCSE level, BTEC, functional skills and entry-level qualifications depending on ability. There are also a range of enrichment options at Key Stage 4 and Post-16, which enables students to gain recognised qualifications and life experiences such as first aid, life-saving, Duke of Edinburgh, cycling safety and Karate.

Alt Bridge School utilises a bespoke assessment approach, which is designed to demonstrate the progress of students towards end-point assessments, which include entry levels, level 1 and level 2 qualifications. Learners who are working at pre-entry level are assessed using our school-identified pre-entry level category and the engagement model, which recently replaced P-Scales. This assessment system enables pupil progress to be tracked as they work towards tangible outcomes without focusing overly on age-related expectations, which may not be relevant to all students.

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