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Curriculum at Alt Bridge

All students have access to an appropriate curriculum, differentiated to meet their needs. This enables them to learn to develop the necessary skills to build self-esteem, respect others, defend those in need, resolve conflict without resorting to violence, question and challenge and to make informed choices in later life.

The students are encouraged to express and discuss their ideas, thoughts and feelings through a variety of activities and have access to a range of cultural opportunities, which promote the fundamental British values of tolerance, respect and empathy for others.

There is access to a range of extra-curricular activities, information and materials from a diversity of sources, which not only promotes these values but supports the social, spiritual, moral well-being and physical and mental health of the pupils.

Personal Health and Social Education, Citizenship and Religious Education lessons will provide opportunities for children and young people to discuss and debate a range of subjects including lifestyles, forced marriage, family patterns, religious beliefs and practices and human rights issues.

Alt Bridge School takes account of the latest advice and guidance provided to help address specific vulnerabilities and forms of exploitation eg CSE, Radicalisation and Extremism, Forced Marriage.

All students will know that there are adults in the school whom they can approach in confidence if they are in difficulty or feeling worried and that their concerns will be taken seriously and treated with respect.

Core and foundation Subjects

The curriculum at Alt Bridge is based on the National Curriculum and no pupils are dis-applied. It is run as a secondary model for both core and foundation subjects and is delivered by subject specialists. It is also annually reviewed to ensure we are adequately catering for the ever changing needs of our pupils.

Mathematics – English – Science
ICT – Religious Education – Art
D&T (including Food, Textiles & Resistant Materials) Humanities – Modern Foreign Language – Music 
Physical Education – Citizenship – P.H.S.E

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