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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Careers Education, advice and guidance

Alt Bridge has a well developed Careers Education Programme delivered through the PHSCE programme. There are discrete Careers lessons throughout Year 11 delivered by an independent Careers Adviser. These lessons explore the range of options available to our students and seek to ensure they are able to make informed and realistic decisions about their futures.

Independent advice and guidance is provided to help students, from Year 9, explore all the options available to them post 16. This is delivered via individual interviews, careers lessons, visit to local college providers, annual ‘Your Future’ options event and active participation in the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) annual review process.

In addition to weekly Careers lessons the Careers Adviser has individual interviews with all students in Year 9 – Year 11 and attends all Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Annual Reviews in Year 9 and Year 11. This is an ideal opportunity for parents/carers to discuss options after Year 11 and to help them support their child in making decisions about their futures.

To assist both students and parents/carers further there is an annual “Your Future” event held at school where local providers (e.g colleges, trainee/apprenticeships) are available to answer questions about

PSHCE curriculum 2018/19 and how it relates to jobs / careers

Year 8

Work related skills healthy lifestyles, safety, including safety at work

Work related skills money and personal finance including handling money budgeting and job terms such as wages, tax etc

Work related skills friendships and getting along with others

Year 9

Work related skills careers education and enterprise

Year 10

Work related skills community relationships (including jobs in the community)

Work related skills media and technology (staying safe, communication)

Year 11

Work related skills independent living skills (job search skills, getting organised, using initiative and problem solving)

Work related skills mental health and emotional wellbeing (staying positive, planning for the future)

The careers programme at Alt Bridge School will also involve each year groups spending a day at a place of work in one sector such as retail , manufacturing , leisure etc

then the following day at school learning more about that sector through timetabled lessons

e.g. below for retail

MathsVAT , TAX  ,National Insurance , salary , profit , discounted items , sale price
Englishlook at how retail attracts customers language used , company motto , how  image is created ,create a shopping questionnaire and interview others about their shopping experiences / habitsrole play
GeographyManufacturing countries , Distribution networksRegional shopping habits etcLocation of retail outlets / transport links etc
ScienceProduct making process from , raw materials to item on the shelf looking at factory processes such as chemicals
ICTRepresenting profit in form of bar charts pie charts etcCreating a power point  , blog , twitter feed to express data
ARTAdvertising , branding , logos , images
PSHCEJob application form / interview
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