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Drama has the capacity to move and to challenge values and identities. We encourage students to explore and take risks as well as develop a sense of responsibility so that they can become independent learners. Through our drama curriculum, we aim to empower students to understand and influence their world by exploring various roles and situations. Drama is important for the growth of self-knowledge and self-worth. It encourages students to investigate their own values and those of others.

All Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils follow a bespoke curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of individual learners. We strongly believe that our students should have the opportunity to learn valuable transferrable skills that can be applied to everyday situations.

Drama schemes of work explore three main areas: drama skills, scripted role-play and devised work. In lessons, students learn to develop a range of Drama techniques such as still image, thought tracking, narration, as well as spontaneous and rehearsed improvisation. Students also have the opportunity to learn about theatre using different genres and styles

Programme of Study


Autumn          Introduction to drama / Pantomime
Spring          Pantomime / Greek Myths and Legends
Summer          Greek Myths and Legends / Goodnight Mr Tom


Autumn        Introduction to drama / Pantomime          
Spring        Pantomime / Comedy Dell’arte         
Summer        Comedy Dell’arte / Superheroes


Autumn        Introduction to Drama / Pantomime              
Spring        Pantomime / ‘Let Him have It’      
Summer        Art Award preparation
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