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Food Technology

Food Technology

The food technology department strives to provide all Key Stage 3 pupils with the opportunity to develop the skills required to cook. Allowing them to explore the importance of a balanced diet in order to provide them with the ability tomake informed decisions about what they eat in order to live a healthy life style. We encourage children to experience a large sample of the vast variety of ingredients and foods available in order for them to be inspired to experiment with and develop recipes.

Pupils will work through theory and practical sessions, gaining understating and acquiring practical skills through various ‘Focused Practical Tasks’ and ‘Design and Make’ activities. They will develop an awareness of the importance of eating a balanced diet and how we can select food products and ingredients that allow them to prepare and make their own balanced meals.

During Key Stage 3 pupils will produce predominantly savoury dishes in order to understand how they can be responsible for their own nutrition. The food technology department aims to ensure pupils have a ‘real life’ understanding of how to source food, understanding the cost and price of ingredients and general food purchases from a variety of outlets.

Chef Richie has created a Moussaka recipe

Textiles Technology

The textiles technology department aims to develop pupil’s skills and understanding of textiles creating an environment that inspires pupils to explore and develop their creative side through practically working and experimenting with the design and use of fabric. Activities will run similarly to those of food Technology, meaning that skills and understanding are developed through various ‘Focused Practical Tasks’ and larger ‘Design and Make’ activities.

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