Geography KS3 Year 7

Geography KS3 Year 7 Courses



During this unit of work your child will learn what geography is. We focus on human and physical geography and how some features of the world are part of the natural world and some made by people. We also learn skills such as map reading and plans. The pupils carry out fieldwork around Alt Bridge which also helps them to become familiar with their new surroundings.

The second part of term is focussed on The UK. The pupils learn key facts about the UK and the four countries that form it.



Understanding weather and water.

During the summer term the pupils focus on settlements and what basic resources are needed when deciding on the location of a settlement. They will focus in particular on Liverpool and how Liverpool began, the growth of Liverpool and its links to the slave trade. Fieldwork is carried out in this unit enabling the pupils to experience an offsite visit and gain first-hand knowledge.


What are settlements?

Liverpool, My city.

In this topic, pupils explore landscape as the starting point for two- and three-dimensional work. They collect visual and other information by visiting a landscape and by studying the methods, approaches and intentions of artists and craftspeople who use the environment as inspiration.

They manipulate the visual and tactile qualities of materials to convey mood and feeling about a landscape and construct some

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