Geography KS3 Year 8

Geography KS3 Year 8 Courses


Active Earth, volcanoes.

During this unit of work your child will learn what geography is. We focus on human and physical geography and how some features of the world are part of the natural world and some made by people. We also learn skills such as map reading and plans. The pupils carry out fieldwork around Alt Bridge which also helps them to become familiar with their new surroundings.

The second part of term is focussed on The UK. The pupils learn key facts about the UK and the four countries that form it.


Continents and the E.U.
Italy, study of a European country.

The first half term focuses on continents of the world and what a continent is. The pupils aim to identify countries that belong to each country by effectively using an Atlas.

Europe and the European Union features in our unit of work and the pupils will carry out research of the countries that belong and flag recognition.

In the second half of the term the pupils will focus their learning on Italy and learn key facts about the country. They will research the city Rome and tourist attractions.

The pupils will experience real Italian food either in classroom or a local restaurant, giving them a sense of Italian lifestyle and culture.


St Lucia, the study of environmental change and sustainable development.

During the summer term the pupil’s will learn about tourism and the tourist industry and how this can be both beneficial and detrimental to a country. They can share they own experiences as a tourist and what appeals to them when decides to visit a new area.

During the second half term we focus on St Lucia and where and what this country is like. The pupils will begin to understand how tourism has affected St Lucia and form opinions as to whether it has had a negative or positive effect on the country.

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