Geography KS3 Year 9

Geography KS3 Year 7 Courses



During the autumn term pupils will learn about Japan the country. They will be able to find and recognise it both on a map and globe. The pupils will learn about the physical features of Japan and what the four main islands are like and how different they are and why.

They will focus on city life and what is like living in Tokyo the capital using a variety of resources. Pupils will learn of both the benefits and problems faced when living in such a crowded city. We aim to look at Japanese schools and homes and compare and contrast to the UK.

During the final weeks of our unit the pupils will experience Japanese food in the classroom when we have our ‘Sushi afternoon’ inviting all of the year 9’s to participate and try a selection of sushi and green tea. They will experience using chopsticks and engage in a Japanese cultural experience.


Weathering and Erosion

During the spring term the pupils focus on what weathering and erosion are. They will learn the main reasons and different types of weathering and erosion.

We aim to make this as practical as possible creating coastlines and waterfalls using a variety of resources including clay and sand. This helps the pupils experience a visual representation of how weathering and erosion occur.

The pupils will also carry out local fieldwork during this unit of work.



During the summer term we focus on rainforests and where they are found in the world. What is a rainforest and why they are important. Also how a rainforest survives and looks after itself.

The pupils will learn about products of the rainforest and products we use every day.

How the rainforests are being destroyed and what we can do to help prevent this occurring at the rapid rate it is. The pupils are encouraged to participate in the Sky Rainforest Rescue Campaign aimed at saved one billion trees in the Amazon Rainforest.


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