Geography KS4 Year 10-11

Geography KS4 Year 10-11 Courses


Geography is currently being taught in KS4 through Vocational Studies which can be chosen as an option.

The course is based on The Unit Award Scheme (UAS). The Unit Award Schemes records achievement and offers everyone the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised.

Units include work on:

•  Hurricanes
•  Using an atlas,
•  Tourism in Great Britain
•  Basic map reading
•  An introduction into Irish culture and much more.

The pupils are given a bit more freedom as to what interests them when making the choice as to what unit they would like to study.

Weathering and Erosion

During the spring term the pupils focus on what weathering and erosion are. They will learn the main reasons and different types of weathering and erosion.

We aim to make this as practical as possible creating coastlines and waterfalls using a variety of resources including clay and sand. This helps the pupils experience a visual representation of how weathering and erosion occur.

The pupils will also carry out local fieldwork during this unit of work.

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