History KS3 Year 7

History KS3 Year 7 Courses


What’s it all about?

Desired Outcomes most pupils will: Recall and use period knowledge from history studied at key stage 2, make accurate use of chronological terms and organise knowledge of different periods in correct chronological order; summarise and share knowledge about the past; find out information by asking relevant questions; draw conclusions by combining information from sources; show some awareness of the value and limitations of individual sources, such as a historical site or photograph.


How hard was life for medieval people?

At the end of this unit most pupils will: Describe and explain some of the lifestyles and beliefs of people in medieval town and country; show knowledge of the range of experiences of different people; select and organise information when producing an extended and structured account of the impact of the Black Death; select information from different sources to answer q uestions about medieval life; show understanding of how there can be different interpretations of medieval life.

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