History KS3 Year 8

History KS3 Year 8 Courses


The English Civil War

Desired Outcomes at the end of this unit: Demonstrate knowledge of the causes, course and aftermath of the English civil wars; give reasons for the outbreak of the civil wars and assess the role of Charles I in the build-up to the wars; explain the causes of the Parliamentary victory; identify disagreements about how the country should be governed; comment on how Cromwell has been interpreted in different ways; assess how far the civil wars led to change, making links between the events of the wars and different political and religious ideas


France 1789–94: why was there a revolution?

In this unit pupils will learn about the main events of the French: Revolution during its years of most dramatic change and how some of these events have been interpreted and represented in different ways. They will consider the nature and causes of the revolution.

At the end of this unit most pupils will: Demonstrate knowledge of the causes and changing course of the French Revolution up to 1794; demonstrate knowledge of how key events have been interpreted in different ways; select and organise information to produce structured work explaining, for example, why some people supported the execution of Louis XVI; describe how far the revolution had an impact on the underprivileged;review the unit in order to produce an extended, well-structured description of the French Revolution 1789–94

Some pupils will not have made so much progress and will: Demonstrate some knowledge of key events in the French Revolution 1789–94; using specific vocabulary, such as peasants and nobility , identify some reasons why many French people in 1789 wanted change; show some understanding of the way key events have been interpreted; use factual knowledge to produce descriptions of motives, such as an account of why some people wanted the execution of Louis XVI; produce an account showing the impact of the revolution on an underprivileged group; gather information from prior work in order to produce an extended description of the French Revolution 1789–94

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