History KS3 Year 9

History KS3 Year 9 Courses


Divided Ireland – Why has peace been so hard to achieve in Ireland?

Desired Outcomes – most pupils will: Demonstrate knowledge of how Ireland was divided in the twentieth century and how within Northern Ireland there were two communities, each of which contained hostile elements; through the evaluation of sources begin to analyse the different ways the two communities in Northern Ireland interpret and represent the distant past; describe links between aspects of seventeenth-century history and modern attitudes; establish a chronologically accurate account of the political crisis in Ireland 1912–22; describe the causes of the partition of Ireland; explain some of the causes of the outbreak of violence in Northern Ireland 1968–9; produce a well-structured answer to the key question.


How and why did the Holocaust happen?

In this unit pupils learn about how and why the Holocaust happened.Its main emphasis is developing pupils’ understanding of historicalconcepts, such as cause and consequence, and their ability in higher order ‘thinking skills’.

At the end of this unit most pupils will:  show knowledge of how and why the Holocaust happened including the chronology of the Holocaust and the way the persecution of Jewish people developed over time; describe some of the ideas and attitudes underpinning the Nazi persecution of the Jews and other groups; make critical and thoughtful use of a range of sources of information about the Holocaust, including ICT; select, organise and use relevant information in structured explanations of the Holocaust.

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