PE KS3 Year 9

PE KS3 Year 9 Courses


Fitness / Circuit Training

During this term pupils will take part in fitness testing which measures their cardio-vascular and endurance levels. This is done by pupils taking part in the bleep test. They are encouraged to work at their own level and focussing on trying to reach a better level each week as they become fitter. Pupils will also take part in circuit training. They will work their way round the different stations and perform exercises for different parts of the body to ensure they get a full body workout.

Gymnastics/ Floor Apparatus

Year 9 pupils will take part in gymnastics using apparatus. Pupils will learn different ways to roll, travel, jump and balance. Pupils will work independently and in pairs and in groups. These skills will then be used to plan, perform and evaluate a routine/sequence. The routines will have a variety of skills included and they will link together for a seamless performance.


During this term pupils in Year 9 will be learning skills related to indoor Hockey. They will perform individual skills, small group tasks and will play small sided games of hockey. They will work on attack and defensive roles within a game situation. They will learn how to play fairly and how to be a good sport.



During this spring term your son or daughter will be learning new skills related to the trampoline. Trampolining is a fun activity that many pupils at Alt Bridge love to do. They will learn the safe approach to trampolining, new skills from basic jumps like tuck, pike and straddle to front and back somersaults. They will plan a routine of skills that they are confident with and have the opportunity to practise until they and we are happy with their performance. We also have a trampoline club so pupils can come along and have extra tuition.


During this term your child will learn skills related to the game of basketball, games at Alt Bridge are adapted to suit the needs of our pupils to ensure they are challenged and they experience success. Your child will learn; principles of attack and defence; have an understanding of tactical awareness, and be able to put these skills into practice during a game situation.


Football is one of the most popular activities that we deliver and pupils learn during their P.E lessons. At the forefront of any lesson involving games, here at Alt Bridge we feel very strongly about good sportsmanship, respect and fair play. Every pupil must understand what winning and losing means and how to act and behave when experiencing these outcomes. Safe practice and procedures are in place. Your child will learn and have an understanding of tactical awareness in a game situation, common principles of attack and defence. Basic techniques of marking, passing, shooting and being able to put these skills into practice during a small sided game situation.


Cricket & Rounders

During the summer term your child will be learning skills related to the game of cricket and rounders. Firstly they will learn safe practice during these activities and games. They will learn how to hit the ball, bowl, field and score during a game situation. More work will be done on throwing and catching over long distances and every child will be given the opportunity to take part in the different fielding areas such as backstop and outfield.


During the summer term your child will take part in a variety of athletics lessons. They will learn skills and techniques of how to throw a javelin, discus and shot putt. They will learn how to perform the long jump using the correct technique and phases. They will learn running techniques over short and long distances. They will be well prepared for sports day as all events practised in lessons will feature on sports day, building confidence, self belief and success. Sports day is a fully inclusive event.

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