PE KS3 Year 9

PE KS3 Year 9 Courses


Fitness / Circuit Training

During this term pupils will take part in fitness testing which measures their cardio-vascular and endurance levels. This is done by pupils taking part in the bleep test. They are encouraged to work at their own level and focussing on trying to reach a better level each week as they become fitter. Pupils will also take part in circuit training. They will work their way round the different stations and perform exercises for different parts of the body to ensure they get a full body workout.

Gymnastics/ Floor Apparatus

Year 9 pupils will take part in gymnastics using apparatus. Pupils will learn different ways to roll, travel, jump and balance. Pupils will work independently and in pairs and in groups. These skills will then be used to plan, perform and evaluate a routine/sequence. The routines will have a variety of skills included and they will link together for a seamless performance.


During this term pupils in Year 9 will be learning skills related to indoor Hockey. They will perform individual skills, small group tasks and will play small sided games of hockey. They will work on attack and defensive roles within a game situation. They will learn how to play fairly and how to be a good sport.