Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is taught at Alt Bridge in Year 10 and 11. Pupils are encouraged to choose an interest within performing Arts; this could be music, drama, stage direction or a mixture of all three. Pupils are then supported in building upon these interests to achieve one of the Arts Awards. Within this they will:

* Develop areas of personal interest in music and drama. Develop an interest in an artist or style.

* Take part in a range of musical activities including singing and

playing an instrument and/or drama activities.

* Using previously enquired skills, create their own piece of music or own dramatic performance.

* Share their work with others as a presentation and performance.

Pupils within Performing Arts are working towards the Arts Award accredited by Trinity College London. There are 4 levels of qualification offered at Alt Bridge. These are Discover, Explore (ELC 3 equivalent), Bronze (Level 1 GCSE equivalent) and Silver (Level 2 GCSE equivalent). Staff members are trained to award each of the 4 levels of qualification from Trinity College London, subject to moderation procedures.