P.S.H.E / Citizenship at Alt Bridge

The PSHCE Curriculum offer is planned around the three key National Curriculum requirements of health and wellbeing, the wider world and relationships. The curriculum offer is to ensure that our students are well prepared for adulthood and are set up to achieve personal success in their chosen pathways

To help them to do this there is a strong emphasis on helping pupils to be well informed and stay safe through topics such as safety, sex and relationships, media and technology, bullying and peer pressure, friendship /getting along with others and street safe (knives, gangs and guns). By equipping pupils with this knowledge we are preparing our pupils to contribute positively to society

The PSHCE curriculum offer also provides a wealth of extracurricular opportunities which engage and motivate students which promote a positive impact on wellbeing and mental health now and into adulthood.

Pupils are encouraged to recognise that learning is a lifelong pursuit for example pupils will learn in the classroom but learning will continue e.g. as a parent or learning new job skills or social development through relationships with others into adulthood. 

The PSHCE Curriculum offer helps the School to meets the requirements from September 2020 to provide statutory sex and relationship education. The PSHCE Curriculum also contributes to whole School intentions around its statutory requirement to promote British values, E safety and safeguarding pupils both through lesson content and planned events which are listed below :

Real voices multi media play about sexual and criminal exploitation followed by actors plenary and Q and A

Gambling awareness workshop

A day’s workshop presented by the CELLS project about the dangers of gangs , drugs , the effects of crime on family , joint enterprise and the realities of Prison life . Pupils working with rehabilitated ex-offenders and victims of crime.

An injured war veteran from the BLESMA charity presenting an assembly on resilience followed by workshop

Presentation from BULLYBUSTERS with Q and A session        

Visits from Knowsley MP George Howarth with a Q and A session

Assembly presentation from candidates for Knowsley Youth Council and taking part in voting

Healthy Schools

A healthy school recognises the need to provide both a physical and social environment that is conducive to learning. A healthy school is one which is successful in helping students to do their best and build on their achievements.

Autumn Term Summer Term
Year-7 Settling into School Target setting Families Promoting self esteem Healthy lifestyles Diet and exercise Resolving conflict Festivals and celebrations
Year-8 Personal hygiene Safety Money Equality and diversity
Year-9 Drugs education Adolescence / puberty Bullying Equality and respecting difference Career education Our environment Housing and our local community
Year-10 Keeping healthy body image and body care Resisting peer pressure And anti social behavior Sex and relationships Being a good citizen Rights and responsibilities Government , elections and voting Global environmental issues
Year-11 Mental Health First aid Parenthood Relationships adapting to change Reconciliation and peace Independent living


An organisation called BLESMA came into School and gave an assembly about resilience , overcoming barriers , self esteem and setting goals. The organisation supports injured soldiers. There was a very enjoyable workshop after the main assembly for Year 11`s where themes were explored further. Pupils had the opportunity to ask questions and hear about competing at the Invictus Games.

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