Religious Education

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Religious Education

Religious Education

Pupils follow a rich, dynamic curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on developing pupils understanding of the world around them through the study of the different cultures and belief practices of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism in Key stage 3. Pupils also study the teachings of inspirational religious figures such as Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa.


Pupils in key stage 4 build on this knowledge by considering important life issues including the existence of God, Euthanasia, Capital Punishment and War and Peace in the context of religious belief. Pupil also consider how religious belief can transform by studying the life of reformed gang member Nicky Cruz.  Pupils enjoy

the many opportunities to develop social and communication skills through class discussion, group work and role play activities.



All pupils in Key Stage 4 work towards AQA entry level qualifications through written coursework and participation in discussion and reflection. This qualification helps support pupils applications for Further Education and training. 


To support learning pupils enjoy visiting places of worship including Liverpool Cathedral, Al Rahma Mosque and Princess Road Synagogue. There is also a day retreat that pupils can attend hosted by the Christian community of Animate Youth Group in St Helens. Visiting speakers to School include a Catholic Priest, a religious convert and a representative from the Gideon Bible Association.


Form tutors together with Heads of School conduct a daily act of worship. This can range from class, department or whole school assemblies.


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