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Our Aim in Science

As a National Curriculum core subject, we aim to add to statutory requirements of study for our students and deliver a challenging and rewarding programme of study in science that provides individuals with the appropriate pathway for them.
The Knowsley Curriculum Policy Statement (2014) stated that: “Pupils should take part in learning activities that enable them to gain knowledge and understanding of a broad range of physical and life sciences”.

The importance of science in the Alt Bridge Curriculum is encapsulated in the aims of the School.

Achieving this Goal

All pupils in years 7 and 8 follow a traditional KS3 style science course building on Pearson’s ‘Exploring Science’. The aim is to give students the same opportunities as their mainstream counterparts studying biology, chemistry and physics. Work is differentiated and presented in such a way that pupils make good progress across all levels. Pupil achievement in science at Alt Bridge has led to all pupils embarking on programs of study leading to fully recognised formal qualifications.

The science department has opted to follow national trends and embarks on a KS4 curriculum in year 9. All pupils follow the Edexcel Entry Level Certificate in Science and many follow GCSE for a range of Science qualifications. From September 2017 students can choose to follow their Entry Level Certificate with a BTEC Principles of Applied Science Level 1/2 qualification.

Additionally, a vocational option of Cambridge National ‘Child Development’ is introduced at year 10 for 2017.

Our operation

Our operation should be a reflection of other secondary schools or ‘Centre’s for learning’ within the borough and the country to facilitate re-integration when appropriate.

Providing Continuity

The school should provide continuity of provision to enable youngsters with special needs to have equal opportunities with their mainstream peers post-school

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