Lower School

Transition and Lower School

The transition between primary and secondary schools is usually the biggest planned change that children go through during their education. When they move from being the oldest biggest and most confident pupils in a primary school to being the newest, youngest and least experienced pupils in a secondary school. We work to make it as easy as possible by breaking it down into a number of simple small steps.

We have found that this process greatly reduces any anxiety associated with starting at a new school and by the time pupils arrive in September they feel relaxed and are beginning to feel confident about their new school.

When there are appropriate opportunities they are encouraged to move out into the wider school and join in with activities with other year groups. Some older pupils act as mentors, sports leaders and playground buddies helping the younger pupils to gain confidence and make friends across the school.By the end of their time in year 7 our pupils have established themselves as a part of our learning community and are already used to helping others along their way. They have experienced our ethos and have become confident to move on with their learning having built a firm foundation for their future success.

Once pupils get started

Once pupils get started in September they quickly adapt to life at Alt Bridge. They meet their new form teachers, begin to take part in the school merit system and learn about all their different lessons. During the first few weeks they get used to moving around the school to science labs, computer rooms, the music room and art and technology workshops and getting to know all their different subject teachers.

During Year 7 they have come full circle and make their own video to explain how they felt when they first came and how they have moved on. They are proud to visit primary schools and act as hosts and tour guides for the next cohort of year 6 pupils.

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