Middle School

Middle School Years at Alt Bridge

Our aim is to help pupils progress through these challenging middle years and prepare them for transfer to upper school. They are encouraged to become more independent and mature and to think about their futures. During Year 9 they are interviewed by advisors from the Connexions team and are helped to consider which college placement would be useful to embark upon in Year 10.

The ethos of middle school reflects that of the whole school. We very much work as a team and each member of the team is valued. We operate a merit system for the pupils to reward effort and achievement and weekly assemblies celebrate qualities of respect and tolerance of others. Citizenship lessons reinforce the theme of the week through discussion and thought provoking activities.

Extra curricular activities are considered to be very important as a way of building up positive relationships and team spirit; these include at present: 2 computer clubs, 2 pool clubs, a friendship club, a board games club and a chess club – hoping to challenge pupils in mainstream schools. Middle school pupils support local and national charities and have now adopted our 4th Guide Dog for the Blind Puppy.

The middle school pupils are heavily involved with a local Knowsley Schools Football league where they participate regularly and fully. This has had great benefits in the acquisition of valued skills such as reliability, team work, co-operation, relationship building, respect and an appreciation of consequential behaviour. A much valued activity.

Each year, we offer a variety of off-site experiences, which have ranged from half day local activities through to full weeks residential courses.

We hope that pupils leave Middle School willing and able to make the most of their final 2 years at Alt Bridge and have learned to accept and face challenges before them.


Enrichment Activities

Throughout Alt Bridge much emphasis is placed on Extra- Curricular and Enrichment Activities to promote Personal, Community and Social development.
The range of activities on offer is extensive and can be either on or off site. Many of these experiences are used as part of a planned rewards strategy as well as part of a well established whole school pastoral programme.

These activities promote Self-esteem, confidence, team work, citizenship and an awareness of pupils individual role in their immediate and wider ranging environments.
Enrichment activities vary from Chess club to Pool tournaments, Mountain biking to Make-up clubs and canoeing to Theatre/Dance studies.
In addition, Residential activities in both this country and abroad have been successfully undertaken.

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