Upper School

Welcome to Upper School

Welcome to Upper School, home to Year 10 and Year 11 pupils. Each form class has a designated Form Teacher and Teaching Assistant who oversees their care, along with additional support from myself as Head of Upper School. Our aim is providing pupils with a broad and exciting curriculum in order to enhance their academic performance, whilst instilling the concept that continuous effort and engagement brings great personal rewards. All pupils are challenged to develop new skills and are supported by peers and staff to face new experiences throughout KS4.

In Upper School, we continue to build on the strong foundations provided by Middle School and aim to foster a passion for learning. As pupils move on through the school, they are encouraged to develop more independent learning skills and are offered various challenges to help unlock their potential. Pupils learn to welcome new opportunities, a valuable approach to life in an ever changing world and during their time in KS4, pupils are prepared to take higher level exams such as Entry Level, Functional Skills and GCSE’s.

Along with preparing for exams we encourage our pupils to engage in a host of extra-curricular activities helping to build confidence, raising self-esteem and take on roles of responsibility throughout the school such as peer mentoring, head boy/girl etc. There are a vast number of Lunchtime clubs and activities they can access in order to continue their learning and to acquire new skills.

We meet weekly for Upper School assemblies on Thursday mornings; this enables us to re-affirm the ‘theme of the week’, celebrate achievements and to address any other issues that affect our pupils. Along with this and support during form time it is essential we maintain meaningful dialogue with parents and carers. We provide written reports, reviews, meetings, web postings and newsletters to keep parents informed. We also welcome parents/carers to contact the school if there are any concerns about their son’s or daughter’s academic progress or general welfare.

Our biggest aim is to ensure our pupils are equipped for the challenges that lie ahead once they leave KS4. Whatever path they choose as young adults they have a good foundation on which they can build their next steps.

Mr S Emmerson

Assistant Headteacher
Head of Upper School

There are 7 form classes within the Upper School. Pastoral groups are supported by their Form Tutors, Teaching Assistants and Head of Year.

Upper School Form Tutors & TA’s

10.1  Mrs Beddows & Mrs Stockton

10.2  Mrs Rodgers & Miss Burton

10.3  Mr Hattersley & Mr McNamara

10.4  Mr Garner & Miss Marshall

11.1 Mr Sumner & Miss Armstrong

11.2 Miss Cowperthwaite & Mrs Hardie

11.3 Mr Cook & Mr Nunes

11.4 Miss O’Reilly & Mr Collins

Meet our Prefects

The responsibilities and privileges of school prefects are:

•  To act as good examples to all other pupils in terms of attitude and behaviour, uniform, punctuality and attendance.

•  To represent all at Alt Bridge School in promoting the good name of the school in and around school and in the community.

•  To uphold the school rules and help to see that others do the same.

•  To help maintain the smooth running of the school by undertaking additional responsibilities.

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