Main Comments

Main comments from the 2007 Ofsted Report

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Alt Bridge School Wellcroft Road Huyton Liverpool L36 7TA

Alt Bridge Ofsted report October 2007 – Headline Comments

Alt Bridge is a good school.

Achievement is good because teaching and learning is good.

Personal development is strong…. every chance is taken to raise pupils self esteem.

Pupils enjoy learning and take pride in their achievements.

Pupils develop useful skills for the future because basic skills are taught exceptionally well.

Care, support and guidance are outstanding, social development stands out. All pupils are treated as individuals.

Teachers know pupils well and understand their learning needs. Support assistants make a strong contribution to the success of lessons.

The excellent pastoral care offered by the school ensures that pupils feel safe, secure and confident as they learn.
Leadership and management are good at all levels. This ensures that pupils make good progress in a caring environment; which is highly valued by pupils and parents.

Effective monitoring and evaluation of teaching have resulted in consistently good teaching across the school.

Comments above are from Ofsted 2007