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School Council & Student Mentors

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new school council members following a competitively fought election which saw pupils nominating  themselves by identifying the skills they will bring to the role. Candidates then spoke to their peers and explaining why they would be a good representative. This was followed by the pupil vote. 

Student Council will now represent the views of all our pupils in meetings, be an ambassador for the School through events such as open evenings, work on promoting equality around the School as we work towards the UNICEF Rights respecting difference SILVER award and the Anthony Walker Charter and promote the Schools core values of care , courtesy, resilience and determination through all aspects of School life. 

Year 7: Nathan & Declan    
Year 8: Alfie & Connor
Year 9: Ben & Lewis
Year 10: Oliver & Tyler
Year 11: Lily & Emma 

Student Council Voice

It has been an exciting start to the school year with a Youth Parliament Vote. All school pupils were able to electronically vote for issues they felt should be discussed at the next Youth Parliament held in The House Of Commons. The results from the vote showed that the key topic that our young people wanted parliament to discuss was votes at 16. Well done to everyone who voted and many thanks to the ‘Youth Parliament’ team.

This year’s Student Voice team has now been elected by form ballots. Welcome to the new team! Our first order of business was to vote for a new chair person to lead the meetings and a secretary to take minutes. 

  • Our team have already highlighted some projects they would like to further discuss:
  • Prolonged form time (one full lesson) once a week.
  • Indoor break time option during the winter months.
  • Cups to be supplied by the water fountains.

What are your thoughts on these topics? Are they good or bad ideas? How could we do this? Would they benefit you? Your form rep would love to know what you think so why not have a chat to them, they will bring your ideas to the next meeting.

Click on Link below to take Survey:

Student Council Survey

Do you want to be part of making decisions about our school you can become your form’s student council representative!!

Student Voice Half Term Topics

Half TermTopicObjectives
Autumn 1Youth Parliament and Elections

· Whole school assembly run by YP and BE.
· School takes part in YP ballot.
· Class representatives to be voted upon and elected.
· New Student Voice welcomed

Autumn 2British Values

· What does it mean to be a British Citizen?
· What rights do we have?
· Discrimination – 9 protected characteristics

Spring 1Brexit

· What is it?
· How will it work?
· What implications will it have on people our age?

Spring 2Anti Bullying

· To develop an understanding of how bullying affects the whole school as well as the individuals involved.
· Discuss what can be done to support victims of bullying and what role the student council can play in this.
· Discuss how the student voice members can be advocates of ‘anti-bullying’

Summer 1Our School Our Place

· Issues that affect our school.
· Discuss actions to resolve issues.
· Our schools roll in the community.

Summer 2Our Impact

· Conduct a second survey.
· Use the information to highlight where we have improved and identify what still needs to be done.


Student Council: March to July

Since January the Student Council have been working hard, discussing current issues that affect school, the wider community and the country. When the General Election was announced the council met to discuss what it meant for us and our country; upon developing a clear understanding about what a general election is the council decided they wanted to ensure the whole school had a similar understanding about this event.

Our members voted to deliver an assembly to the whole school, providing information about the General Election and the main parties involved. The council conducted their own research into the leaders and aims of the main political parties, they also decided they would like to hold a vote in school on the 8th May and informing the school of this during their assembly. Most of the council took part in the assembly and spoke in front of the whole school.

The Student Council set up and ran the poll, providing each form group with an area to vote and the correct ballot papers. They collected and counted the votes and delivered the results to the head teacher. As a school we voted for a Labour government, Labour receiving 70 votes, Green Party 10 votes, Liberal democrats 6 votes, Conservatives 5 votes, UKIP 2 votes.

Also this term, some of the Student Council had the opportunity to speak to our school governors, informing them about what the council is doing and what they would like to do. Our council has highlighted that the condition of the upper school girls toilets need improving and this is a project we will be looking into for the coming year.

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