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Therapies at Alt Bridge

Knowsley PCT – Speech and Language Therapy Service

The Speech and Language Therapy Service works within Alt Bridge and supports pupils with specific difficulties in the development of their speech, language and communication skills. Pupils will be part of our service if they present with a primary diagnosis, i.e. a speech, language or communication difficulty that is impacting on their ability to learn and access to the curriculum.

We have an open referral system and can offer support to pupils at any time during their years in school.

We now support youngsters who leave Alt Bridge in Year 11, providing transition support if this is needed.

The Speech and Language Therapy Team help children who experience difficulties with:

• Social Communication
• Expressive Language
• Understanding of Language
• Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills
• Memory and Processing
• Speech
• Fluency
• Vocabulary and Word Finding

The current team includes:

Ruth McCartney: Expert Practitioner – Speech and Language Therapist

Andrea Gill: Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Sue Jones: Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

How do we work?

We can see children individually and in small groups for direct sessions of intervention.

We liaise with staff and provide advice and recommendations for class support

We have provided specific staff training on areas of difficulty in youngsters and continue to support staff upon request.

Why Refer?

Pupils sometimes find the change from primary school to secondary more challenging. There are more demands in terms of learning and solving problems on a day to day basis.
Some children have functioned well within the primary environment and have not needed these advanced language and interaction skills.
They may need some specific focused work to enable them to access the curriculum more effectively.

Contact Details

If you have any queries about your child and the Speech and Language Therapy Service, please contact me:

Ruth McCartney: 0151 290 2010

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