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Assessment & Reviews

Assessment and Annual Review

All records and reports will be explained to both pupils and parents. Each pupil with a statement of special educational needs is the subject of a statutory annual review, conducted through a case conference.

Full parental involvement is encouraged, with detailed discussion of progress, both academically and socially. A multi-disciplinary approach is adopted, and representatives from the school psychological service, speech therapy department, careers service and social services are also present at review meetings where appropriate.

Each department reports on pupils academic and social achievements.
Academic reports are linked to the National Curriculum in both attainment targets and programmes of study. Future recommendations are an important part of annual review reporting. Educational recommendations form the basis of individual educational programmes.

Parental Involvement

An “open door” policy operates and parents are made welcome whenever they visit Alt Bridge. They are, however encouraged to make appointments to visit, particularly if they wish to see individual members of staff, this having obvious timetabling implications. Parents who arrive on an “ad hoc” basis, are usually seen by the Headteacher or Deputy.

Recent Government

Recent Government initiatives have placed an emphasis on what pupils can achieve in terms of skills as well as knowledge and understanding. All pupils work on schemes, and every pupil leaving Alt Bridge does so with a comprehensive ‘Record of Achievement’.

This Record of Achievement will acknowledge and give credit for what pupils have experienced and achieved, through and beyond the National Curriculum. It will also establish an effective partnership involving pupils, parents and teachers, with each contributing to the process of recording achievement

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