There are currently two classes of post 16 music provision:

Year 12 – split into two separate classes, and year13.

Year 12 – Song Writing using iPads

This course is split into 3 sessions, each lasting a half term:

Session 1:
In this session pupils are introduced to Garage Band app, with the intention of using frequently used chords on one instrumental timbre to form and shape structures widely used in successful or even iconic songs.

Pupils listen to songs from several different genres of pop/rock music and are given the chord structures to a section of that particular song.

They are taught how to use the app in relation to splitting the song into sections to give their own ‘composition’ or arrangement shape and style.

Session 2:
In the second session pupils refresh what was achieved in session 1 and learn how to refine and edit their composition/arrangement before recording it and saving to the ipad.

Pupils are encouraged to be as original as possible and not to plaguarise their work.

The session finishes with a listening session where each pupil plays their composition.

Session 3:
In this final short session, pupils are taught how to use iTunes to record and save their work and to burn to disc.

They are encouraged to have the confidence to play their finished product to the rest of the class.

Year 13: Using Self-Expression in Music

In this course pupils are encouraged to find their own strengths and confidence through creating their own class composition, drawn from own life experiences, their emotions as individuals and as a class, and their

determination to see a task through to its conclusion, no matter how simplistic the end result may appear.

Term 1:
Pupils listen to a wide range of music from every genre, appraising in writing and commenting verbally on their thoughts.

They are then asked to pick their favourite piece of all the music listened to and recreate the music (or a section thereof) using a variety of tuned and unturned percussion instruments.

Term 2:
Pupils refresh activities from last term, particularly the practical elements concerning their own recreations.

They then begin to link together each individual pupil contribution, creating, eventually, a whole class composition.

The work is rehearsed and performed towards the end of the term.

Term 3:

Pupils revisit their preferred original choice music from

Term 1, reappraising where appropriate, and refining their recreations, before performing again in front of peers.

Each composition is then linked together once more in an order chosen by the class.

The music is then performed and recorded in front of an audience (peers/staff etc).

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