Upper School Arts Award

Upper School Arts Award

Pupils at Alt Bridge have access to Arts Award accredited by Trinity College London. There are 4 levels of qualification offered at Alt Bridge. These are Discover, Explore (ELC 3 equivalent), Bronze (Level 1 GCSE equivalent) and Silver (Level 2 GCSE equivalent). Art and Design staff members are trained to award each of the 4 levels of qualification from Trinity College London, subject to moderation procedures.

As an Arts Award Centre, Alt Bridge allows pupils to engage in a range of art-based activities and provides opportunity for pupils to personalise their interests in the arts.

Bronze Arts Award provides pupils with the opportunity to visit exhibits and local art attractions so pupils can reflect on their participation in the arts as an audience member. A range of planned art activities and workshops allow pupils to participate in the arts. Pupils have the chance to research an artist or group as their arts inspiration. In addition, there is the opportunity to share and review skills with peers and other artists.

At Silver, pupils can even work alongside someone working in the arts and produce their own exhibition of art work in school. This consists of pupils planning, delivering and reviewing their arts leadership skills.

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