What do we do

What do we do in the Social and Communication Department?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of activities that might be enjoyed in the ‘Base’ but it gives you an idea of what goes on.

• Have fun whilst working around the school, in the Department rooms and also out in the community.

• Learn how to be assertive (not aggressive or passive)

• Discuss everyday manners and practice these.

• Learn how to express our feelings appropriately

• Discuss unfamiliar music and how it makes us feel.

• Practise ways of remaining calm.

• Consider humour and different ways of being funny.

• Play group games with friends and unfamiliar pupils.

• Enjoy sensory and craft activities.

• Role play different scenarios and practise social skills.

• Use ipads and film technology to help us develop our own communication style.

What do we do in the Social and Communication Department?

• Set ourselves attainable social/communication targets
• Play fun speaking and acting games, such as ‘Just a Minute’ and ‘Party Quirks’

• Discuss ‘emotions’ and their meanings

• Social gardening groups in the Base garden area. Work

• on garden group projects together.



Ultimately, the aim of all these activities is to help the individual to become happier and more confident in themselves. It is the aim of the Department to help the individual to realize their true worth and to begin to realize their real potential.

A. Sumner (Specialist ASC Teacher) -November 2014

Multi-Agency Links

The Social and Communications Department at Alt Bridge is keen to further develop it’s multi-agency links so that it can provide an extremely unique/ bespoke curriculum. So far, we have had links with the RNIB, Speech and Language Therapists, Access & Inclusion Team, Educational Psychologists, Autism Co-Coordinator, Knowsley SIS, as well as professional artists exhibiting in the area. We are also keen to further our links with mainstream schools.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the learning packages offered by the Soc-Com Department, please contact the Teaching staff and they will be happy to help.


Social & CommunicationsTeam. November 2014

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