Discuss Different

Discuss Different Social Scenes Problems

Develop our own style of communication and confidence in our own ability to effectively engage with others.

Visit interesting places in our groups and discuss what we can see at these locations; practise our social skills in such public settings; speak to members of public and staff appropriately and respectfully; develop our own personal health and safety skills.

Examples of the types of place we visit:- Libraries, art galleries, Public parks, Cafes, Fire stations, community centres, shops, local stables, beaches and many other locations. These trips out also help pupils to learn about the community around us.


Play spatial awareness games.

Develop friendship skills.

Learn household skills and practical skills.

Work on etiquette and business manners.

Consider and practise how to give a compliment to others.

Fact finding games and exercises.

Discuss metaphorical language and ‘figures of speech’

Develop speaking and listening skills.

Share our own ‘news’ and personal feelings and listen to others.

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