Health and Safety

Health and Safety at Alt Bridge

In line with the school Health and Safety Policy, students will be taught to use materials, tools and equipment safely. When working with tools and equipment and materials in practical activities and in different environments including those that are unfamiliar to students should be taught:
– About hazards and risks and risk control,
– To recognise hazards, assess consequent risks and take steps to control risks to themselves,
– To manage their own environment to ensure health and Safety of themselves and others,
– The use of tools and equipment will be closely supervised by teachers,
– Protective clothing will be provided when working with wet medias (paint, glue etc),
– The storage of glues, paint, electrical tools will be stored in either the art cupboard or DT cupboard.

At Alt Bridge, a high degree of attention must be paid to safety, not only in terms of teaching children how to use tools and materials correctly,

Food - Hygiene and SafetySupport

Perishable food is bought and/or brought in and used on the day it is needed.

Non-perishable food (e.g. some dry foodstuffs) may be safely stored for future use, providing the ‘Use by Dates’ are still relevant at the time of use. Disposal of stored items of food is the responsibility of the class teacher.

Teachers and support staff will oversee that cupboards, worktops and cookers etc are clean and in working order. Aprons must be worn and are regularly washed after use. These are available in the Food Technology room. Adults and students should follow strict hygiene principles.


Please see our Policy Page for further information

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