Children’s University

Children’s University

Children’s University was established in Knowsley in 2008, and Alt Bridge has taken an active part since September 2012. Our 1st Graduation Ceremony was held in July 2013 at Hope University and graduations have been held there each subsequent year for qualifying pupils. Through this programme we aim to raise our pupils’ aspirations and to develop their understanding that learning can be fun.

This well-established scheme continues to go from strength to strength at KS3 within Alt Bridge, with over 80 pupils now benefitting from it. Children who voluntarily attend extra curricular activities, not only have interaction with likeminded peers, but also accrue hours which can make them eligible for graduation. Achievements are celebrated and rewarded with certificates: pupils are given either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate depending on the hours completed in that academic year. These hours carry over to the next academic year to allow the pupils to progress to the next level.

Extra Curricular Activities are not only extremely popular, but are also wide ranging at Alt Bridge. Activities/clubs include: Cheerleading, Guitar, Drama, Craft, Mathletics, Reading, Film, Football (boys and girls), Basketball, Trampolining, Dance and Choir – to name but a few!

Our pupils also have the opportunity to attend residential visits to activity centres; this also counts towards their graduation hours.

This scheme is invaluable, as we address our pupils’ objectives and support their varied needs in a fun learning environment, whilst encouraging positive social interaction and a sense of community.

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