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The ability to communicate is a key life skill for all people and underpins a pupil’s social, emotional and educational development. With this in mind, the Soc-Com Base will cater for autism and other social conditions of our pupils, whilst aiming to help them to develop individual strategies to participate in society more fully.Within the Base, staff will employ suitable autism-specific teaching methods to accommodate for the individual needs of our pupils.

The basis of staff instruction remains positive and flexible, maintaining high expectations within a calm, respectful atmosphere.

We will seek to encourage independence in the pupils, encouraging opportunities for their integration within the wider community.

The National Curriculum aims to foster successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Social and Communicative skills underpin achievement in all of these areas

The Social and Communications Base was set up in 2008 and offers a positive, relaxed and safe learning environment, in which pupils who have ASC and other complex conditions are valued individually and are given learning opportunities centred upon them as individuals.

Department Mission Statement and Description

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