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Drama Curriculum intent


At Alt Bridge our aim is to develop and support our pupils as they mature into young adults. The Drama department work to provide pupils with transferrable skills that are relevant to all, in terms of personal and social awareness and future employability.

Drama involves imagination and emotions; it helps us to make sense of the world. Drama is a creative and cultural activity, it has the capacity to move and to challenge values and identities. It provides an opportunity for pupils to explore the world of people from other places, times and cultures, and to examine differences and similarities with their own environment. Drama plays an important place in our cultural life.

At Alt Bridge we encourage students to explore and take risks, as well as develop a sense of responsibility so that they can become independent learners. Through our drama curriculum, we aim to empower students to understand and influence their world by exploring various roles and situations. Drama is important for the growth of self-knowledge and self-worth, we encourages students to investigate their own values and those of others. Students have opportunities to devise their own work; use drama techniques to explore themes, issues and ideas; interpret the work of playwright’s and theatre practitioners and realise text. Practically, they develop their physical and vocal skills in performing to an audience and explore how meaning is communicated through choices of form, style and convention.

Pupils are given the opportunity to create, performing and responding but our curriculum it is fundamentally about the growth of the individual. Our drama curriculum allows students to develop a number of essential skills for life such as independence, team work, speaking aloud, developing their own voice, listening to others, control their emotions Pupils also develop skills in backstage production such as directing, staging and costume. Our expectations are high and we expect pupils to challenge themselves and take risks in a safe and support environment

As a department we believe that drama can enable our students to grow into more rounded and self-aware young adults.


Drama is taught across key stage 3, one lesson a week. Pupils work through a variety of units based on developing confidence through drama games and exercises, acting and role playing skills, writing and creating their own work through improvisation and script writing and evaluating and responding to their own and others work. The Scheme of work has been developed over a number of years and is based on National Curriculum guidance. Links are made to English Speaking and Listening objectives and lesson are taught on exploring texted covered in English classes including Shakespeare. Pupils are given the opportunity to take part in larger scale productions throughout the year and develop roles both on and off the stage. In year 9 Pupils work towards an Explore or Bronze arts award and develop their own interests and skills. The department has links with the Everyman theatre and pupils have access to workshops led by theatre education team. Theatre companies visit school and pupils are given the opportunity to see live theatre both on and off site.

Programme of Study

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