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The Enrichment option is broken into three units, over three terms:

  • Gym Ambassadors.

Pupils are introduced into a fully functioning gym. They are given a full induction and are asked to design a gym portfolio that encompasses all aspects of a gym from health and safety to designing exercise regimes for members of the public. These lessons help build confidence and self esteem that can be demonstrated to potential future employers.

  • Swimming & First Aid.

Pupils  will gain various swimming certificates by undertaking numerous swimming challenges. Pupils will also undertake a lengthy first aid qualification that may aid them in emergency situations.

This unit is being delivered in conjunction with The University of Liverpool and St John’s Ambulance. 

  • Cycle Proficiency.

As the roads get busier, it is vital that our pupils have the awareness of the rules of the road and how to keep themselves safe whilst cycling on them. The module is designed in order to give our pupils the confidence to cycle on our roads.


The aim of our enrichment lessons is to aid the pupil to develop a strong spiritual, social, cultural and moral compass. These lessons are designed to embolden the pupils and give them the confidence to thrive in the wider community.

All units within the option allow the pupil to express themselves and display their talents to the full.

I have designed all three units with a physical aspect in order to create a healthy body and mind.


The lessons are designed to enable the pupils to express themselves in a way that enhances their experience of the national curriculum

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