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Physical Education Curriculum Intent


Here at Alt Bridge we strive to be a healthy school and P.E plays an important role in this.  We have a dedicated team of outstanding teachers in the P.E department where we believe every child matters and we want only the very best for them.  Our curriculum intent is to ensure every child has a positive, P.E experience that is fun providing opportunities for the development of physical, personal, social and communication skills that encourages respect, excellence, courage, determination, inspiration and equality.  We want our pupils to be confident, healthy, well balanced individuals equipped with life skills learnt in P.E to move them forward into young adults.  P.E is vital for good mental health and well-being, “a healthy body makes for a healthy mind”.


In the P.E Department we make sure we provide opportunities for every pupil.  We tailor each pupils learning experience to be positive, rewarding, in a caring and nurturing environment.  We differentiate and adapt activities through resources, 1:1 support, varying teaching styles, small group work, leadership roles and above all celebrating achievement to make our pupils feel valued and successful.  We understand that P.E isn’t every ones favorite subject so allowing pupils to feel they have a freedom of expression and to be creative in ways that engage them is important to us. We offer extra-curricular clubs which is an extension of their P.E lessons, here pupils can come to club with their friends in a relaxed and informal environment while being physically active and being with likeminded pupils building on social skills and retaining heathy life styles.  We are proactive in ensuring that all P.E staff are continuing with their CPD to enable a delivery of expertise to our pupils. 


Throughout the whole school we offer a physical education curriculum appropriate to each individual child.  Our curriculum is delivered in a fully inclusive manner.  Pupils are provided with a balance of individual, group and team activities some of which are competitive.  We promote the impact that Physical activity can have on pupils’ metal health and well-being.  Pupils have access to highly differentiated revised curriculum linked to; games, gymnastic activities, dance and trampoline, athletics activities, swimming, outdoor activities and health related fitness.  This range of experiences is intended to provide for pupils’ increasing self confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations and to increase understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  It allows them to develop as part of a team, learning how to communicate with others and work together.  It allows our pupils to cope with disappointment, being able to communicate in an appropriate manner and adhere to rules and regulations will help our pupils’ reintegrate into mainstream society and post school life.  The emphasis is upon providing a supportive learning environment that encourages maximum participation and rewards endeavor while remaining sympathetic to pupils’ physical needs and degree of learning difficulty.  For those students in Key Stage 4 there is the opportunity to be entered for an external accreditation in OCR, they also have opportunities in The Duke of Edinburgh awards.  Some Key stage 4 students opt to take Vocational P.E which is a more intense version of both theory and practical P.E, they complete units of work in a variety of Unit awards.  With these additional qualifications and skills this can lead to college courses in sport and leisure, leadership roles in coaching and above all healthy physically active young adults with good mental health and well-being.

Pupils have access to out of school competitions such as Merseyside School Games, the schools games formats include Boccia, New age Kurling, Football, Swimming, Panathalon, Athletics, Basketball, Dodgeball, Wheelchair Basketball and Cricket.  Some pupils access regional and National Boccia events as part of Boccia England.  Special school sport is very strong in Merseyside and we are immensely proud of our pupils’ who take part with 100% effort and a positive attitude and these experiences builds on their self-esteem and confidence allowing them to be wonderful members of our society.

“Alt Bridge School holds a platinum School Games Award which is the highest award for participation in P.E and Sport- 2019”


Alt Bridge A are crowned league champions

National Curriculum: Key Stages 3 and 4.

Physical Education

Purpose of Study

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

Sporting Opportunities

Alt Bridge School is committed to providing the very best sporting opportunities and the Curriculum time to develop our student’s skills. We work in a formal sports partnership with our mainstream colleagues.


The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:

•  develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities

•  are physically active for sustained periods if time

•  engage in competitive sports and activities

•  lead healthy active lives

Throughout the year pupils will participate in units of work from the following areas: Swimming (Year 7) Fitness, Games, Gymnastics, Athletics and Outdoor Activities.

This will ensure that every pupil at Alt Bridge receives a wide and varied P.E experience. This will continue to develop your child’s skills in the activities they participate in. It will help develop their knowledge and understanding of the rules and how best to perform of the above mentioned activities. P.E will help your child to understand that Physical Education has long- term benefits both on a social and health related grounds and it can be a fun and positive experience.

Key Stage Courses

At Alt Bridge our Physical Education qualifications allow students to play to their strengths and gain dynamic skills for further education and a healthy future. Key Stage 4 pupils work towards gaining an Entry Level qualification in PE; it is a two year course which starts in Year 10. Pupils will take part in a wide range of activities and we will inspire each student to fulfil their potential in individual sports such as trampolining and athletics and team games.

It is a practical exam only and it is done in a calm and positive environment for all students to feel at ease and feel that they can show their skills they have acquired over the past two years. For further information on the P.E qualification please

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