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Provision is made to collect and return pupils to their homes on a discretionary basis by Knowsley Education Authority. Each youngster’s transport needs are assessed at their annual review. Provision is then made to collect and return youngsters to their homes.

It is an expectation at Alt Bridge that when youngsters reach the upper school they make every effort to become independent travellers. An extensive training programme of social mobility has been devised and operated by special support assistants under the responsibility of Head of Upper School. Successful completion of this programme results in the award of a bus pass for the pupil to travel to and from the centre, and any linked mainstream school, independently. Again, this bus pass is provided by the Local Education Authority.

Pupils living close to the centre can make their own way to Alt Bridge by prior agreement between parents and the centre staff.

Alt Bridge has the use of 3 minibuses, which assists the integration programme, as well as making possible many of the off-site experiences offered in our programme.

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