No expensive items of personal property, including jewellery, should be brought to Alt Bridge. The wearing of jewellery is discouraged – though small ear-studs are acceptable. All property, wherever possible, should clearly bear the owner’s name. If, on occasion, sums of money or valuables have to be brought to the centre, they must be left at the secretary’s office for safe keeping.

Before PE lessons, money or valuables should be given to the teacher in charge


It is suggested that all parents check that their own household insurance policy (contents) covers all items of personal property whilst in the Centre. Neither Alt Bridge nor Knowsley Education Authority has insurance which will cover your child’s property in the event of loss or theft, nor does the centre have any unofficial funds which can be used to cover any loss that may occur. (see earlier section on personal property and jewellery.)

Alt Bridge has a policy under the Personal Accident Scheme for school children


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