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Natalie Menagh Head Teacher

Head Teachers Welcome Message

LFC Foundation launches

LFC Foundation launches new virtual programme ‘Step-Up’ to help local pupils transitioning back to school.

Mr Randall, our head of Key Stage 3

Filmed a walk around of the areas of our school that are open at present. This film should give you an idea of what school looks and feels like and introduces some of our learning spaces and resources.


Knowsley Local Authority Home to School Transport

Hi, for those of you wishing to apply for or to continue with Home to School Transport (if you’re changing schools you need to apply again) please complete the form via the portal.

If you are unsuccessful please initially seek the support of your current school in making an appeal.  If they need any advice or support they can contact Mr Randall or Mrs Richards at Alt Bridge and we’ll provide some support.  

“Please click here to send us your questions”

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