What Ofsted said about Alt Bridge March 2019

This school continues to be outstanding.

“The school’s formal and informal curriculums work exceptionally well together to support pupils’ academic, social and personal development. Consequently, pupils continue to make outstanding progress, as well as gaining nationally recognised qualifications.”

“The leadership team has maintained the outstanding quality of education in the school since the last inspection. The broad and balanced curriculum inspires and engages pupils and students. The pastoral support provided throughout all key stages promotes independence, confidence, life skills and resilience. Preparation for the next steps in education or life is at the core of everything this school does extremely well. Parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the school”

“Students move on from Alt Bridge to continue their education, gain employment or undertake internships. The vast majority of students are successful in their move and remain in employment, education or training.“

“The high staff-to-pupil ratio works to keep pupils safe. Staff are highly vigilant and are quick to notice any changes in a pupil’s behaviour or appearance and take appropriate action.”

“Staff go the extra mile to plan activities that will open pupils’ eyes and minds to new experiences.”

“Leaders have a clear rationale which supports very well pupils’ personal development across all key stages. Through a personalised approach, staff support each pupil to make the small steps of progress required to become confident, self-assured young people. Pupils talk with enthusiasm about their progress. “

“The teachers’ detailed planning engages and motivates every learner. During the inspection, pupils listened well and persevered with their tasks because lessons were well matched to their abilities and interests.”

“Parents were in agreement that the transition from primary school into Year 7 was very supportive and helped their children to settle quickly into their new school. A typical parental view was, ‘We were so worried when our child was moving school but we didn’t need to be. He settled so quickly and has grown and matured so much since going to high school. We are very proud of him and so happy with the school; it’s been fantastic for us all.’ “

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